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“Assault Weapons” Aren’t Used by Criminals to Commit Crimes, So No One Need

  1. So what was all this noise about Newtown and the mall in Oregon about?

    What an idiot. How did this guy ever get past 5th grade?

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  2. So the guy at the elementary school wasn't committing a crime? How does that work, exactly?

  3. Who the hell is this guy to tell me what I "need", and what I consider "sporting"? Also, why shouldn't I be able to equip my self with the best protection that I could afford? I can't speak for anyone else here, but I sure as hell don't want to give bad guys an even playing feild when it comes to my life. I will lie, cheat, and kick someone square in the balls if I have to. When it come to my life I have one rule, (I Win).

    Why do I need an "Assault Weapon"? For legal purpose numb nut.
  4. he needs assaulted . what a maroon . oh BITEME BIDEN roflmao
  5. He makes Dan Quayle look like a rocket scientist.

    I hear Biden is just salivating at the prospect of running for president in 2016. Is he ever going to be sorely disappointed.
  6. Biden is dumber than a bag of hammers. He reminds me of Leslie Nielsen except not as bright.
  7. I like Biden's math skills. He said the guy reloaded 4 or 5 times and maybe had some mags that were twenty rounds. Then he said if they were 10 rounds clips he would of had to reload 30 times or maybe 25 times. Then throws out a single anecdote of the Giffords shooting as evidence limiting capacity gives you a better chance to take someone down during the "1.5-2 minutes" it takes them to change a mag.
  8. Didn't they say an M4 was used at the Aurora movie theater? I guess mentally-disturbed people who shoot people in a movie theater don't get the label criminal?
  9. If we are not actually fighting a war, why do we need a Military?

    If we are not in an actual accident, why do we still wear seat belts.

    If we do not have the Flu, why do we still get vaccinations for it.

    If we don't plan on going swimming rather than fishing, why do we still wear life preservers.

    If the police are not chasing killers, why do they need guns,

    If the banks are not being robbed, why do they need armed guards.

    This goes on and on. It show why an idiot is in the second most powerful post in the free world and not in the first. He deflects the criticism from the president and takes the flak because he is just the "court jester" and not a real person. He is the wall that is used to see if the underware "sticks".

    Prevention is much less painful than recovery from catastrophe.
  10. To me that's kind of like telling the downs syndrome kid "Yeah, you can be team quarterback. Sure.".

    The only reason I can think of for holding on to Crazy Joe is that he's Dear Leaders insurance against assassination.

    All the Best,
    D. White
  11. Forget that.

    What kind of voter keeps returning him to office for decades ? ...:shocked:


  12. Exactly.
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