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  1. Tech Talk
    Hey folks. I've gotten a notification, which I've only seen twice in all the years I've had Windows 10. And both times, it was when I woke up after falling asleep at my computer. The notification shows up in my "Notifications" tab over on the lower-right, and it says something to the effect...
  2. Tech Talk
    For the past week/week and a half, I've had this problem. My Wi-Fi will just cut out, and the little yellow ! sign on my connection will say "The Default Gateway is not available". The diagnostic always fixes it by resetting the....router? Adapter? One of the two. And then it works again...
  3. Tech Talk
    Folks, I'm having a couple of issues that I don't know if they're connected or related. The first issue is Windows 10. At the bottom of my desktop, where the window icon is, when I left click on the icon, nothing happens. When I RIGHT click on the icon, it open into a drop-down menu (from...
1-3 of 4 Results