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    A San Diego woman was "catastrophically impaired" when she crashed her car into a vintage Porsche and killed a woman two years ago, her attorney told jurors Wednesday. However, his client is not guilty of murder because she was sold a very potent strain of marijuana with little or no warning of...
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    And no, it's nothing to do with Hogg and Baldy. I'm talking about the plant. There's an outdoors expert on YouTube whom I follow with a channel called "AlfieAesthetics". I love his videos; he does one every few months or so. He talks about everything from outdoor survival, to fire building...
  4. The Okie Corral
    Ha. Ha. Ha. This is funny.. Sad too..
  5. The Okie Corral
    I knew Pac was still alive! I guess Robin got sick of the SF weather and decided to head to Arizona instead. :animlol:
  6. The Okie Corral
    My father and I went with 9 others from our local 49er Club up to Seattle for the weekend (left Saturday morning) to join up with the Seattle 49er Faithful to watch the game. That evening, we drove around parts of Seattle. Here's my observations.... Oh. My. God......the homeless problem up...
  7. The Okie Corral We have a case involving an unrestrained kid. Even worse outcome to this point though.