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  1. Reloading
    i am loading rainier 185 plated HP over 6.2 grains W231 powder. Slight crimp with Lee FCD. Very soft load. Barely ejects. Occasional FTE. Using Win large primers. Plunk test fine. Just want a better load with more zip. I like the Win white box 230s. At 6.2 gr I think I am at max. Is this...
  2. Reloading
    does anyone load .45 ACP with 230 grain powder coated bullets and W231? I acquired 500 230 grain powder coated lead bullets from a guy that I shoot with at the range. I have loaded them with bullseye, longshot, and now W231. I am leaning toward 231 because it seems to be slightly softer...
1-2 of 2 Results