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  1. The Okie Corral
    I'm not entirely sure, but all evidence points to this being him. I know that he is buried at a National Cemetery in California, but I'm unsure which one (this gravesite is located in Golden Gate National Cemetery, which coincides with where my father lived as a boy). We know that he served...
  2. The Okie Corral
    So I shop at both Lowes and Home Depot often. I usually show my VA Card to the cashier to get the 10% discount that they offer to current and ex military. Recently, I replaced my State drivers license and I was able to get them to put Veteran on my license by showing them my disability paperwork...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hello GT! After a long hiatus away from Glock ownership and GlockTalk, I have returned. When I last was a member of GlockTalk, the G36 was the latest offering. At the time I was carrying a G23 for concealed carry and for GSSF competition. Then I got a while hair and decided to go back in the...
1-3 of 3 Results