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  1. General Glocking
    Good in very good condition. Equipped with Sevigny competition sights. 2 magazines. Original Glock tupperware. I have been out of the gun shopping/selling market for years, but with the current demand on handguns and a friend who may want to purchase this gun from me, what is a...
  2. Glock Collector's Club
    How do I find the exact Year?, Model? and Generation? of a 9MM C 17 Glock with Serial number ANG312 so I can get an approximate value on the firearm? Any and all help appreciated?
  3. The Okie Corral
    God Damn! Interesting fact: England has about 310 tonnes worth of gold. The US: 8,133 tonnes. :faint: So show this to a "Distribution Of Wealth" Liberal, next time you want to piss them off...