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  1. General Firearms Forum Gallatin, Tennessee has worked through its teething pains... No, no it has not. This is from a brand new 92X RDO. Granted, this does not affect function in any way, just like the patch of missing finish on the barrel's muzzle crown face. Other than those two things, the pistol is...
  2. Volunteer Glockers
    Looking for someone i can drive to and not have to mail my gun off for a stipple job. If anyone knows of someone or a shop that will take it and do a good job let me know where they're located! If you have pictures of their work that would be great as well. (Sorry if this is the wrong place to...
  3. Holsters & Related Items
    This is my used Alien Gear holster made for the Glock 43 . I have used it for 1 year. It is right handed. The leather is light brown. The leather does have some dark marks on it from my gun and my pants. I removed the upper and lower adjustments to make the holster even lighter in weight. Those...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm happy to be here! My name's Tyler (I go by Ty for short) and I'm from East Tennessee. I currently serve in the Army Reserves and work at my local sheriff's department, waiting to go to patrol. I'm definitely not a seasoned Glock owner, but I'm not unfamiliar either. When I...
  5. Introduction Forum
    I previously owned a G21 Gen 2 while in college, and am now a degenerate owner of two, G17 Gen4's. I'm looking to setup one for Stock IDPA and the other with mod's for EDC.
1-10 of 13 Results