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    Recently I participated in a long debate on Taurus pistols, and me being me I did not hesitate to share my negative perception of the brand based on past experience ( a horrid Slim something something). I also tend to read others’ opinions carefully, and I was surprised by the fact that...
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    Wow, hard to beat that. Kentucky Gun Co. most recent ad.
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    SOLD $300 N. Alabama Shipping would be to an FFL from a Non FFL. +$30 shipping. Taurus model 65 .357 magnum. Blue. 2.5" barrel. Wood grips. The finish is in very good shape. No box or other items. Just the gun. Any large scratches appearing in the photos below is just...
  5. Sold/Expired
    ****FRESH ARRIVAL**** Taurus PT-111s have flooded the markets yet again!!! Got all 3 color versions in limited numbers: Taurus PT111 Black $230+shipping Taurus PT111 Gray with SS slide $268+shipping Taurus PT111 FDE with Black Slide $250+shipping Thanks for your time, Lev
1-5 of 5 Results