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  1. FreeTagh - Free To A Good Home
    I sold my P30SK and then found the Talon grip. Details in pics. Recipient pays shipping, which will likely be around $1 or FTF in Louisville, KY.
  2. The US Air Force Forum
    The Air Force released a report Friday on a fatal November 2019 T-38 accident at Vance Air Force Base, finding pilot error on the part of both the instructor pilot and student as the cause of the crash.
  3. Gun-Parts & Access.
    Thinking about buying talon grips for my 19, any thoughts on them?
  4. General Firearms Forum
    Hi all, Recently was gifted an assortment of ammo from a church friend. Among this, I found two boxes that caught my eye - one of Winchester Black Talon, another of Winchester SXT. Both are 147 gr. 9mm and appear to be from the early 90s. Does anyone know of any differences between the two...
  5. The Bull Dawgs Club
    I've been very impressed with the quality of Talon leather holsters (Tallahassee, FL). Unfortunately they don't offer an IWB holster for the G39 specifically. But they offer (of course) one for the Glock 30 & 29 (item number GK30-IWB-T) and one for the Glock 26 & 27 (item GK26-T-IWB)...
1-5 of 5 Results