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  1. Gun Parts & Accessories
    I have a Butler Creek Stainless Folding Stock for a Ruger Mini 14 / 30 in "like new" condition, asking $250.00. Email me at: srggator (at) yahoo (dot) com
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Used stock in great condition decided to use the folder. $125 shipped discreet PayPal. These are are $220 new . Convert your MCX/MPX pistol to a registered short-barreled rifle (SBR) with the Sig Sauer MCX/MPX Collapsible Stock. Adjustable to your liking, these Rifle Stocks by Sig Sauer offer...
  3. General Glocking
    Has anyone removed or cut down the aggressive pip pattern on the grips of a Glock? I think I'd benefit from sanding it down under the slide - right where my thumb-web resides and gets raw. 1. Is the plastic stock 'sand-able' with decent success? 2. Has anyone ever done this too? 3. Did it...
  4. Firearms Listings
    Practicaly Bnew. less then 50rounds count Stock glock17 gen 4. All from factory included + Adjustable glock sight SMS for faster transaction 2818149825 $459 shipped to FFL
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    PRICE REDUCED See latest post below Tactical Pistol Grip for Mossberg 500 Shotgun series Includes sling mount 1 available $15.00 Tactical Forend (SpeedFeed) for Mossberg 500 Shotgun series This was part of a kit, but was not needed. 1 available $28.00 Buy the pistol grip and forend together...
  6. General Glocking
    So, I am recently new to this forum, I have a 42 that is my wife's edc and a Gen5 19 I just picked up for myself to use for home protection/range/fall,winter carry. I have decided to leave my 19 stock (except for an APL-C, and ReCover Tactical mag clip on one of my spare carry mags) along with...
  7. General Firearms Forum
    Fortunately I already have three of them, one for the AR-15 and two for the AK-47/74. They are a blast but a total waste of ammo! If you have been holding off on getting one I wouldn't wait much longer. S&W
  8. Sold/Expired
    I have a used Speedfeed pistol grip stock set for sale. It includes the LE forend, Stock, and the bolt to attach the stock to the receiver. It is in good shape with minimal wear and tear. I am asking $55 shipped via USPS. I am open to offers so please feel free to PM with one. Thank you.
  9. Sold/Expired
    I have a like new condition Speedfeed stock set. This particular stock is one that holds an extra two shells on each sided of the stock. It came off of a 590A1 shotgun but it should fit any of the 500 series shotguns. I am going to include the Stock, Screw, and forend with the set. I'm am asking...
  10. Sold/Expired
    Looking to buy a nice stock/forearm set for a Marlin 336. I would actually prefer a synthetic set, like Ramline or Champion but if synthetic, would have to be new, never fitted. A nice looking wood set with no issues would be good as well. Pistol grip version. Thanks! OMC
  11. Sold/Expired
    Black Magpul STR mil-spec stock. Took to the range a few times but has no signs of wear. Will include magpul sticker & black plastic magpul bullet. $60 shipped. Willing to take Paypal gift, PayPal (+4%),USPS MO. If you have questions, email or pm me please.
1-11 of 11 Results