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  1. Gunsmithing
    Ive noticed this line on my 3rd gen 23 just recently. It’s a fairly deep indention, not just finish rubbing off. I bought it used and it hadn’t even been broke in. I’ve owned a few other glocks and maybe just haven’t noticed this kind of wear? It’s just had maybe 1000 rounds through it and I...
  2. General Glocking
    Hi guys, first off let me say I am a total novice and this is my first handgun. I have never fired it yet and was getting ready to clean it this week when I encountered an issue. Upon my first disassembly of the weapon, upon reassembly I cannot get the slide to rack back on the gun. It goes...
  3. Sold/Expired
    Stripped Glock 48 RMSc cut slide. Less then 50 rounds fired. Mint condition. Comes with fiber optic front sight, blacked out rears. PayPal F&F or Venmo $180 Shipped
    $180 USD
  4. General Glocking
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Up for sale is a P365x slide with a Holosun 407k x2 gr mounted on top. Slide has approximately 200 rounds with minor wear, in great condition. Included are the factory Holosun box and all accessories. Also included are a factory curved trigger, receiver pin, and pin receiver clips at no...
    $400 USD
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Complete G43 compatible slide. Also works on the 43X. No scratches or blemishes. Less than 100 rounds fired. Looks great and runs perfectly. Decided to go with the G48. $200. Paypal F&F or Venmo.
    $200 USD
  7. Gunsmithing
    Hello, First post so I hope it is in the right spot. Just had a friend of mine install a rear sight for me and when I saw his "work station" was a hard concrete block with a bunched up cloth on it I knew it wasn't good. He used a punch to tap it into position and said it took "a lot of...
  8. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Bought this slide for my Glock 19 to use with my Holosun 507c-x2. I assembled it, then came across an OEM slide that had been RMR milled by Jaegerworks, so I bought that slide and no longer need the Alphawolf slide. This slide has been assembled, but never fired, it is stripped now. Selling...
    $120 USD
  9. General Glocking
    Hear me out. I haven't laid hands on one yet, but it appears the Sig P365 X Macro upper is just a ported XL slide with a P365 barrel; I have an extra Glock 48 slide, would it be possible to port the slide and run a 43 length barrel in it? Effectively making a Glock 43X Macro? I'm intrigued...
  10. General Glocking
    Anyone have a good line on where to get g17.5 slides mos or regular, or ZEV duty slides? I know eBay and gunbroker but that’s not helping much, most of the tards on eBay want more than the actual gun wherehouse sites… greedy and stupid people are a good Combo… im neither but refuse to pay stupid...
  11. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Selling a G17 Gen 5 MOS slide with the Forward Controls munting plate. Plate is steel and allows for better stability and durability compared to the OEM plates. OEM MOS plates are also included. FCD Plate $ 300 shipped
    $300 USD
  12. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Selling a brand new ZEV Duty slide for the G17 Gen 5. $ 265 shipped
    $265 USD
  13. For Sale Removed

    Gun Parts & Accessories
    $0 USD
  14. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    Having trouble finding out the slide manufacturer and type of optic that fits this pistol. Any info helps, thanks!
  15. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Complete Wuelf Glock 19 Gen 3 RMR Cut Slide. Fantastic condition. Comes with Stainless Barrel, Internal Parts, RMR cover plate and TruGlo Fiber optic sights. Contact for more pics. $230 Shipped PayPal F&F or Venmo
    $230 USD
  16. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Used. Unsure of rd count All orm parts minus slide parts No sights 315 paypal f+f obo
    $315 USD
  17. Gun Parts & Accessories
    I started with a factory Glock 19 upper, added steel three dot sights, then a custom stainless steel Match barrel with target crown (see pics), then had the slide cerakoted Gray. $350.00 includes priority mail, with insured shipping to the lower 48 states within two days of receiving the postal...
    $350 USD
  18. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Standard slide for use with the 4.7inch barrel Firing pin and internals are missing 180 shipped Paypal ok
    $180 USD
  19. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Like new psa dagger rmr cut gen 1-3 glock 19 slide Has aim surplus dlc barrel and psa ss recoil rod Tight lockup. Includes a spare firing pin Looking for $265 shipped paypal f+f
    $260 USD
  20. Gun-Parts & Access.
    Hi all, I have a G19 gen 4 with a standard slide. I'm trying to find a new OEM MOS slide for it. Glock won't sell slides as parts, and I've only found third-party / aftermarket slides except for Big Tex, who has them on their site but they've been sold out for over a year. Does anyone have any...
1-20 of 89 Results