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  1. Firearms Listings
    WTS Smith Wesson 645 these are virtually some of the best 45's ever made old school 2nd generation S&W in great shape..collector or shooter... eats everything no malfunctions Looking for = $550 (ftf in FL) or add $20 for shipping to an FFL from my FFL. FTF must be a FLORIDA resident with...
  2. General Firearms Forum
    For me, it has to be auto cartridges chambered in revolvers. I mean, really? Is the evolution of the revolver and their cartridges over the past 100 years not perfected enough for you? I've never held a revolver in, say, .38 Special, and thought "yes, I wish I had this in......9mm Auto!"...
  3. Articles
    I like revolvers as much as I like semi-autos. Just yesterday, with a late spring snowfall still on the ground, I went out to my backyard range with my S&W 686 that has a 2.5” barrel. I have an IWB holster for it and was practicing quick draw and rapid shooting at 7 yards. There was no brass...
  4. Sold/Expired
    *****NEW ARRIVAL GLOCK 19***** Perfect timing for post New Year's shoppers. Got the Matte Black Gen 4 Glock 19s in stock. $539+shipping or AZ tax on 4473.
  5. Sold/Expired
    Have you thought of purchasing a Sig Sauer P226 Legion but the price($1,428) was the deal breaker? The solution to the Sig price is the Slovenian Arex Rex-Zero that took the US pistol market by storm. Multiple torture tests performed along the Sig proved that higher price is not always the...
1-6 of 6 Results