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  1. Cop Talk
    Out of nowhere... View:
  2. Carry Issues I’m personally not a fan of these kinds of back plates or plugs with designs on them, but I really don’t care if others like them. I can see the writer’s point in regards to the punisher backplate thing, but an American flag plug being...
  3. Holsters & Related Items
    I have recently, after almost a year of testing, released a holster on the market. It is a fusion of modern materials with the classic cut and form of a leather holster. Most of you are familiar with the sticky or rubberized fabric soft iwb holsters for sale. I have taken them to the next level...
  4. General Firearms Forum
    I just have a feeling that most everyone else sticks with one type of bullets in their magazines. I carry a 10mm G-20 in the woods which I am in almost daily. I load my magazines interleaving with 1 Underwood XPen, and 1 Buffalo Bore 220-HC Or DT 200-HC. So always 1 Xtreme-pen then 1 hard cast...
  5. Caliber Corner
    Im just curious what the majority feel is the best weight bullet for self defense in a Glock 21SF. I know other variables matter but Im just curious about weight. Heavier and slower or lighter and faster. Im going back to my 21 for EDC.
  6. General Glocking
    Hello, What is a good round for personal self defense outside the home that is not hollow point? I can carry in all states but some states will not let you use hollow point outside your home. Are there other rounds I can use that are just as effective but will not violate the law? I have a...
  7. Tactics and Training
    I'm hoping I can get some references to find out what would be the best way to go about getting trained how to respond to an in-home invasion. Our house has 3 stores including a full finished basement and the layout is atypical since it was a custom built home. There are plenty of large spaces...
  8. GATE Self-Defense Forum
    Mas Two shots to the center of mass, zipper drill or Mozambique are methods to stopping an attacker. But malicious wounding seems like a gray zone that raises a question. What is the distinction between justified self defense versus a malicious wounding? Thanks, Rick
  9. The 10 Ring
    I've done enough reading to shut Jonny-5 down. Researching ballistic tables, watching gel test, reading about gel tests and finding real world chrono numbers. I'm dead set on two, two in the group I started with. Underwood 180gr Gold Dot - 1231 fps from a 29 200gr XTP - 1143 fps from...
  10. Carry Issues
    Hey Guys! So in talking to local guys at the range and what not, I'm finding that a lot of people don't carry OC (pepper) spray. I personally carry OC spray with me every day along the rest of my EDC set up (firearm, spare magazine, knife, etc.). I like having a less-lethal option in case a...
  11. GATE Self-Defense Forum
    Hello Mr. Ayoob. Can you recommend any self defense pistol courses or instructors in the southeastern or central North Carolina region? Northern South Carolina would also be an option for me. Thank you.
  12. General Glocking Glad to see at least one school that is smart enough to protect it's students, and possibly it's teachers. Hopefully they won't be the only school to adopt this.s
  13. Caliber Corner
    Shoutout to all G42 owners: Has anyone been trying the new PolyCase ARX (copper/polymer matrix) ammo in the G42? I've read glowing reviews about the way it performs, but nothing so far about how well it cycles the G42. Then, there's the question about whether the bullet's material could do bad...
1-14 of 15 Results