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saiga 12

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  2. The Kalashnikov Klub
    The DDI is here!!! This thing is impressive! The fit is fantastic and the finish is gorgeous! I actually like the factory stock a lot and will most likely keep it on there. The only reason I would add a mil-spec AR stock is if I get another Kynshot Recoil Damper....we will see after I get it...
  3. The Kalashnikov Klub
    Is it true? Has the VEPR suffered the same fate as the Saiga? S&W
  4. Sold/Expired
    Converted Saiga 12. Russian flash hider, fingertip mag release welded on by Dreadnaught Industries, adjustable gas plug. Comes with 2 MD arms 20 round drums and 2 Surefire 12 round mags. FTF in Austin area, $900.