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  1. Carry Issues
    I have a Glock 22. 40 with a Safariland 6378 holster. Does anyone know if the Streamlight TLR-8G will fit into that holster? I would love to find out for sure before ordering it so I don’t waste my time. Thanks
  2. Holsters & Related Items
    I have 2 duty holsters for sale 1) New never carried Safariland 7360 Level 3 holster with male adapter ( no package) $65 shipped 2) lightly used 511 Thumbdrive Holster with regular belt mount.Level 2 $35 shipped Email with questions [email protected] or PM. I take Venmo,Cash app, Zelle or...
    $65 USD
  3. General Glocking
    Hey all. First time posting. Trying to figure out if my 19X will be compatible with a 6395RDS made for a glock 34/35 Main reason for this would be to accommodate the additional length of a compensator. The holster finder tool is trash on Safariland's site. I've seen quite a few people...
  4. Cop Talk
    I have recently began utilizing a snub J-Frame for certain off-duty security gigs but as a rule I prefer to have holsters with retention for OWB work carry. It appears that Safariland made a 6378 ALS (model:6378-01-411) holster for the j-frame but it has been discontinued. Cheaper than dirt has...
  5. Holsters & Related Items
    Safariland UBL with female attachment and Trex Arms leg strap. Worn a few times. $ 30 shipped
  6. Holsters & Related Items
    Safariland 6280 STX Tactial Finish, Right Handed. Equipped with SLS Sentry Lock, Can be removed. Holster can be worn with belt loops or belt clip. Both are included. $48 Shipped. I accept PayPal.
  7. Holsters & Related Items
    Any word on when Safariland will manufacture an ALS duty holster for a Glock with a Trijicon SRO?
  8. Holsters & Related Items
    Payment via PayPal. Best to email Volund Gearworks Inner and Duty belt (Medium) - $50 shipped Bianchi Double Mag Pouch and Safariland SLS (M&P Right-Handed) - $50 shipped
  9. Holsters & Related Items
    $35 shipped PayPal or MO accepted
  10. Holsters & Related Items
    All prices include shipping. If you want more than one holster I will adjust the cost for shipping. Old School Dark Star Gear Appendix - $50 Red1USA - $60 Safariland ALS - $30
  11. Holsters & Related Items
    Safariland 7TS Level 2 and Kytex duty mag pouches for a 2.25" belt - $70 shipped for both items Paypal only
  12. Holsters & Related Items
    All prices include shipping (not trying to make more money just trying to cover the cost of shipping so I can break even). I accept payments via USPS MO or PayPal. Payments made via USPS MO will await shipping till I receive payment. If you order more than one item I can adjust the price so...
  13. Holsters & Related Items
    I have a new KT-Mech Duty Akela holster in black for an FNS 9L available. It is right handed with a Blade Tech Tek-Lok clip on the back. It has an automatic release hood for level 2 security. Paid $90 for it. Asking $55 shipped. I also have a black Kydex IWB RH holster for a Sig P320 compact...
  14. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD . Like new here black leather mint condition $50 shipped to you Fits Glock 26 and 27 models sold the gun have the holster
  15. Sold/Expired
    Cross Post I the owner of this product.
  16. Sold/Expired
    I am looking for a &af_placement_id=1&dv=649f5d085a2f183c62e9ae05df331650']Safariland clip-on holster for a High Standard DM-101 Derringer, &af_placement_id=1&dv=649f5d085a2f183c62e9ae05df331650']Safariland Model #57, but if you happen to have other clip on or snap on High Standard Derringer...
  17. General Glocking
    I'm investigating the purchase of a Safariland model 27 for my Glock 19 for concealed carry ( Does anyone have experience with this model? Additionally, I'm right handed and considering getting the LH model and carrying at...
  18. Cop Talk
    After 3 yrs on day shift and 6 yrs in investigation I'll be going to night shift as of 01/2016. It meaning a promotion to LT. I've never use a weapon mounted light. I'm looking to replace my Safariland 070 with a level III holster and a light. What would you recommend. I'm looking at...
  19. 3gun Mechanicsville, Virginia, High cover

    3gun Mechanicsville, Virginia, CAR-15, Safariland 6004, Glock 19 with G17 mags. High cover.
1-20 of 21 Results