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  1. Sold/Expired
    Selling a lightly used Battlefield Green (not cerakote) Glock Gen5 17 with a ZEV Cryo slide cut for an RMR/Holosun. Extended mag release, subtle undercut and ameriglo lower third irons. Does not include OPTIC! This lipseys BFG seems to be lighter than previous BFGs as you can see in the...
    $600 USD
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    $389 Shipped to the Continental US only. Brand new, never been mounted. I bought it for a pistol I thought I was going to buy, but went a different route, so I have no use for it. this will come with everything you see in the pics, and I will include my original purchase receipt should you...
    $389 USD
  3. Tactical Shotguns
    Does this exist yet? Any ideas are more than welcome. I've seen GGG pic rail and that's neat.
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Bought this slide for my Glock 19 to use with my Holosun 507c-x2. I assembled it, then came across an OEM slide that had been RMR milled by Jaegerworks, so I bought that slide and no longer need the Alphawolf slide. This slide has been assembled, but never fired, it is stripped now. Selling...
    $120 USD
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Brand new Barrel sold Obo
    $285 USD
  6. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    I have two Dual Illuminated RMRs with the 12 MOA Green Triangle. The reason I got them is simply because I don't want to have to rely on batteries. But today, after mounting my newest one, it was bright outside while indoors I was in a room with can lights but when I looked through the sight...
  7. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Complete Wuelf Glock 19 Gen 3 RMR Cut Slide. Fantastic condition. Comes with Stainless Barrel, Internal Parts, RMR cover plate and TruGlo Fiber optic sights. Contact for more pics. $230 Shipped PayPal F&F or Venmo
    $230 USD
  8. Sold/Expired
    HK P30 v1 w/ Wright Armory i-DOT cut & RMR/SRO/Holosun plate & cowitness BUIS - $875 - This is essentially new. Ran ~50 rounds through it prior to sending it to Wright Armory for function testing, and hasn't been fired after the work was done. Includes 2 17 round magazines, factory box, and all...
    $875 USD
  9. General Firearms Forum
    Hello all, I have basically no experience with a reflex sight on a pistol. The only reflex sight I have shot through was the little one that was mounted on top of my ACOG on my service weapon. This will be for my FNX-45 Tactical which will eventually get a surefire light and silencer once it...
  10. General Glocking
    Looking at a few aftermarket rmr slides to finish a build. Just got one back from jager werks and its awesome but the 14 week lead time kills it for me. Looking at grey ghost and norsso for a glock slide. anyone have any others or insight for the two mentioned?
  11. Firearms Listings
    Boresight Solutions custom Gen3 Glock 19. The frame/slide milling were done by Boresight Solutions out of Miami. The frame has a level 2 reduction, feels like a 1911 grip angle. It has an undercut, textured index points, glove bevel and memory texture under trigger guard. Vicker’s extended mag...
    $1,400 USD
  12. Firearms Listings
    Glock 17 Gen 5 in 9mm with OEM slide (front serration model) milled for Trijicon RMR/Holosun with Surefire FDE X-300 1000 lumen weapon light and Trex Arms Ragnarok kydex holster (grey rattle can paint). Optic cut by Mod1 Firearms and refinished in DLC by Evolution Armory. Ameriglo suppresor...
  13. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    good morning guys, I have a question that I can not figure out myself. I have a trijicon RMR MR06. And there’s a weird hump by the elevation dial on top. Anyone have ever seen this? I’m starting to think it’s fake comparing to my other one. But it has the serial # matching with the box. And it...
  14. Reloading
    A gentleman at church knew I reloaded and he didn't. So he gave me 13 paper/metal canisters of asstd. powders - they are red dot, blue dot, green dot, bullseye, 2400, hi-skor, etc. The red dot is a 3# metal can almost full and has a price marked on the top of $9.98. All are rusty but not dented...
  15. General Glocking
    Hello all. I will admit I'm cheap and always try to find parts of high quality for a low price. I want to look for a RMR for my Glock 19 and when i went to my local gun store i came across the Riton X3 Tactix PRD for $194.95. After holding the item i noticed the quality and it was definitely...
  16. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Glock 17 Gen4 Grey Ghost Precision KKM barrel Xs Bigdot Complete Slide. Condition is "Used". Free USPS priority shipping with insurance. Build list: Grey Ghost Precision V1 Glock 17 Gen4 slide. RMR ready. KKM Glock 17 Gen 5 stainless barrel (10rds fired) Glock 17 gen 4 OEM slide parts...
  17. Introduction Forum
    Hey guys! The Glock 19, Gen 4 was my first pistol and it is currently my every day carry. I absolutely love the gun. Since buying the Glock 10+ years ago, I've added a handful more of guns. Quite the fun hobby and not expensive at all... I love it so much that I actually made a YouTube video...
  18. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Selling an unfired Zev Tech Citadel Gen3 G19 in black DLC with or without a brand new (unfired) Trijicon RMR 1moa reddot (RM09). Slide comes with all internals and oem "glock" barrel. Zev cover plate also included. Slide w/RMR: $ 775 shipped Slide wo/RMR $ 435 shipped RMR only: $ 410...
  19. Gun-Parts & Access.
    Looking to get an RMR cut slide for my Glock 17.4, and stumbled upon this one from Brownells. It's significantly cheaper than others I've seen. Curious to hear feedback from anyone who's had experience with this slide. How does it hold up? Any other slides I should consider?
  20. Gun Parts & Accessories
    All sold.
1-20 of 64 Results