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  1. Glock Collector's Club
    Hello, I came across this gen 1. Previous owner bought it from Austria two years ago. The gun is in pretty good condition for it's age, barrel looks almost new, except for little bit of outside wear. It has no serial number on the grip, I read that in Austria they had free grips so it didn't...
  2. Caliber Corner
    So I was at a pawn shop about half an hour ago in the neighboring town, and they had some interesting items, but the majority of the handgun ammo was priced ridiculously. What little there was was going for $35-$40+ /box of 50. I passed. I can get a better selection online for the same price...
  3. Caliber Corner
    Would you pay this: 357 Mag Federal American Eagle 158 Gr JSP(20 boxes of 50 Rnds) = 1000 rnds M-ID: AE357AF UPC: 029465085087 - $2,208.95 : Alamo Ammo, Need Bullets we will shoot them right over I don't ever wanna hear anyone complain about CheaperThanDirt ever again, lol. There's a new...
  4. Reloading
    I have been hoarding brass for 20 years, for the day when I start reloading. That day won’t come, so I need to get rid of some brass. I have at least 200 pounds of brass, mostly 9mm, 38 sp, some 10mm, other too. Is it worth any more than the scrap price if I sell it to a reloader?
1-4 of 5 Results