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  1. The Okie Corral
    So the nightly terrorism yes, it’s domestic terrorism by every definition in Portland has been going on for 80 nights in a row now. It’s starting to take off in other cities every night as well. My question is when will it end? What will it take to stop this nonsense? The mayors and DAs have...
  2. The Okie Corral Show of hands.....who here was triggered by the headline? :D Thank you, Old Man Winter. I knew an old white guy would come through. :animlol:
  3. The Okie Corral
    I guess laughing is racist now. Or something. It gets better..... Unbelievable. The very people whom you SHOULD be supporting, you're condemning over some kind...
  4. The Okie Corral
    Does anyone go to these? As I understand it, there are branches of C&C cruise-ins around the country, but to be honest, I'm not sure if there are others, or just the one here in PDX. I went with my father this morning to the one in Wilsonville Oregon.
  5. The Okie Corral
    I am SO GLAD I don't live in this city. What an absolute clusterfack. And here I was thinking Democrats wanted to CREATE jobs..... Oh it will, Mr. Novick. It will. Because nothing says "Fairness"...
  6. The Okie Corral
    Just curious if anyone here has dealt with something like this: Of course the city of Portland is dragging their feet about this. Gotta coddle these people after all. If it's not homeless camps and...