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  1. Cop Talk
    I have recently began utilizing a snub J-Frame for certain off-duty security gigs but as a rule I prefer to have holsters with retention for OWB work carry. It appears that Safariland made a 6378 ALS (model:6378-01-411) holster for the j-frame but it has been discontinued. Cheaper than dirt has...
  2. Cop Talk
    An LEO I worked with at another agency has come under fire in the last week in the form of formal charges for saving the life of another officer. She was approached by an angry and assaultive inmate with a history of physical and sexual abuses while incarcerated. The officer in question stepped...
  3. Cop Talk
    What are your thoughts on this? I would like to think that there is more to this story that we don't know about. I have not seen the original unedited video, so I cannot speak to that aspect of it....only from the perspective of the video that PJW shows us. Take of it what you will.
  4. Misc. Non-Gun Stuff
    First Tactical Men's Tactix System Jacket. Jacket is BNWT Size: XL/REG Color: Black Style #: 118502 Link for details: First Tactical Men's Tactix System Jacket Local pick up in the Dallas/DFW area. Will ship after payment is received. Payment accepted; USPS Money Order, Venmo, Personal Check...
  5. Cop Talk
    The brutality and the horror is shocking. As if getting pepper-sprayed and tasered wasn't bad enough. Before you know it, they'll be doing push ups on lava rock. :animlol::laughing: Next up....reciting case law while in front of a midget clown. :kidding:
  6. General Firearms Forum
    Has anyone identified the revolver used by Hong Kong police officer to shoot the demonstrator charged with assault? I've seen a short video, and can't tell manufacturer, model or even guess at caliber.
  7. Cop Talk
    Last night during the Selectman's meeting Officer Rich Derry received the Medal of Valor for heroic actions taken last year during a home invasion. His brave and timely response is an example to us all. Over 15 of his fellow Sharon Police Officers attended the ceremony, as well as Officer...
  8. Cop Talk
    Just wondering if you think the second shot was necessary. The suspect died of his wounds. Posted in February of this year.
  9. Gun Parts & Accessories
    8 total Glock 17/34 mags. All are le/gov ban era mags. $160/shipped.
1-9 of 32 Results