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  1. T&T Commercial Postings
    Suarez International CRG-1: PISTOL GUNFIGHTING February 1-2, 2020 Dayton, TN Price: $350 Instructor: Randy Harris ( Instructor Bio ) All training must begin with fundamentals. This comprehensive fundamentals class is designed to prep you for the more advanced courses such as Close Range...
  2. T&T Commercial Postings
    Suarez International CLOSE RANGE GUNFIGHTING March 28-29, 2020 Fleming, Georgia Price : $350 Instructor: Randy Harris Instructor BIO This is our flagship course and goes as far as you can safely go on a square range with live-fire pistols. The...
  3. Maryland/D. C. Glockers
    Evening y’all, new to GT and the area. Does anyone have suggestions on tactical pistol shooting instructors who either offer one on one or group lessons? Also, what are the good outdoor training facilities for civis that offer various setups? If you know of either, please let me know why you...
1-3 of 3 Results