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    I couldn't think of a better word than "crossover", feel free to suggest something different. The concept is simple, do you have a Smith and Wesson and a GLOCK that share the same model number? If so, let's see a pic. Below is my pair of "19"s. What do you have? Pair of "36"s. How about...
  2. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    First let me say, I am far from an expert on sights, or really anything guns. I enjoy shooting and now enjoy working on my Glocks. I hope to take a GSSF armory course in the near future. I've used the Glock 19 OEM Gen 4 sights for 4-5 years now. We have two 19s actually, one for me and one...
1-2 of 8 Results