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  1. Through-the-Lens Club
    Since I got my Canon SL1, I've struggled to take clear, well-focused picture of birds. They always turned out blurred. Flying birds have proven frustrating over the last 6 months. There are some key skills to capture birds in flight. Shutter priority at 1/600 sec or 1/800 sec to freeze the...
  2. Sold/Expired
    Came with my new camera, I have no use for it. Still in sealed factory box with full 1 year warranty from Canon. It is refurbished from Canon- there is no difference from new
  3. General Glocking
    No, not family photos holding Glocks... although now that I think of it, that'd be pretty cool, too! Do you have more than one Glock and have a photo of them together? How about post your family photos? Here's mine:
1-3 of 3 Results