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  1. Cop Talk
    Just wanted your thoughts on this PIT. Personally speaking, I think they had an opportunity to stop it before the suspect went against traffic. Pitting a guy into oncoming traffic doesn't seem right to me. But hey: I'm not a cop, so I'll just leave it here for discussion and keep an open...
  2. Carry Issues
    I plan to take a quick day trip to Ohio next week. I live in PA and have CC permit and carry all the time. I looked this up on the Internet and found a place that indicated it was okay. I know these laws tend to change all the time. I want to make sure if it's lawful for me to CC in Ohio with my...
  3. T&T Commercial Postings
  4. Tactics and Training
  5. Carry Issues There is a petition to allow legal CCW holders to carry at the convention. Please sign it. The convention is a potential target for various terrorists and nut-jobs. Are rights should not end there. I...
1-5 of 8 Results