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  1. Holsters & Related Items
    Title says it all. Make me a reasonable offer. Ohio FTF preferred, willing to ship via your preferred method but shipping costs are on you via calculator. Used with G19 gen4.
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    From top to bottom, left to right: $40 - Super Slim aluminum 15" mlok handguard with anti rotation tabs, with barrel nut. $30 - Bear creek armory flat-top aluminum 15" mlok handguard with barrel nut. AR15 standard Charging handle. 556 standard bird cage muzzle brake. Shotgun...
  3. Cop Talk
    Just wanted your thoughts on this PIT. Personally speaking, I think they had an opportunity to stop it before the suspect went against traffic. Pitting a guy into oncoming traffic doesn't seem right to me. But hey: I'm not a cop, so I'll just leave it here for discussion and keep an open...
  4. Carry Issues
    I plan to take a quick day trip to Ohio next week. I live in PA and have CC permit and carry all the time. I looked this up on the Internet and found a place that indicated it was okay. I know these laws tend to change all the time. I want to make sure if it's lawful for me to CC in Ohio with my...
  5. Carry Issues There is a petition to allow legal CCW holders to carry at the convention. Please sign it. The convention is a potential target for various terrorists and nut-jobs. Are rights should not end there. I...
1-7 of 11 Results