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  1. General Glocking
    hello, i was wondering if someone here could please find me glock oem maritime spring cups and extended slide release and ship it to me in canada? Possibly trigicon suppressor height night sights Its for a glock 19 gen 4 thanks!
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    I've accumulated some parts intended for builds I was doing or in some cases the parts were just included in a trade deal I made. Bottom line is I have some extra parts I don't need. I have two G19 barrels. Flush cut and crowned. I do not know the maker. One is blank/no rollmark and the...
    $80 USD
  3. General Firearms Forum
    I am looking for a factory Glock 32 barrel that will fit a 4th gen. Thanks! Kindly, RW
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Looking for an OEM lower parts kit, OEM Barrel & a Gen 3 slide if anyone has one. Would not mind a Completed upper depending on parts
  5. General Glocking
    I just wanted to share this... I made the mistake of buying Clone/Knock off Glock Lower parts kit on Ebay. The listing stated they were Original Glock OEM Parts from Glock I was purchasing and they were NOT. Now there was nothing wrong with the lower parts kit I got and its obvious Original...
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Selling an OEM gen3 stripped slide. Slide is brand new and unfired. Any questions just ask. $205 shipped. Venmo or Paypal (f&f)
  7. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Selling a lightly used OEM gen 3 g17 stripped slide. Great shape. Sub 400 round count. Channel liner installed. $ 195 shipped within CONUS Thanks for looking!
  8. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Looking to sell a lightly used Gen 4 G19 OEM factory slide. Roughly 200 factory rounds through it. Channel liner installed, factory plastic sights. Was going to use for future build but no longer need. $ 185 shipped USPS within CONUS $ 215 shipped WITH (used) RedbackOne Fiber Optic sight set...
  9. Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a new Glock 20/21 OEM firing pin (striker) for Gen 2-3. I do have some stuff that I could trade if interested. Let me know if you have one, either new or very lightly used. Thanks for looking.
  10. Sold/Expired
    Looking for factory Glock parts, preferred new/excellent condition, unmodified parts. Thanks
  11. General Glocking
    When is someone going to release a stainless guide rod for the 43? I contacted lonewolf and they said they're working one but c'mon its taking forever! I dont want a bs tungsten guide rod for $80 or a galloway precision decreased 10% or increased 10% rod... just release a good ol' fashion...
  12. Sold/Expired
    Sold The barrel has had between 100-150rds fired through it (most 5-6 shot or 10-12 shot groups to test it against the aftermarket barrels I've been getting--for an eventual post). This OEM barrel did as good as any aftermarket with 147gr, and tied some with 124gr (at 15Y and 25Y). It wasn't as...
1-13 of 13 Results