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  1. Introduction Forum
    Hi, New Glock (26) owner and obviously new to Glock Talk too. I thought I would never own a Glock, but am happy I took the plunge. Watching at least one of Hickok45's Glock videos hooked-and-reeled me in. Haha. I hope to learn from you and someday being able to contribute too. David
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hello all, First time pistol owner. Just got my first pistol 6/6/21. Shadow Systems MR920 Elite. Joined to ask a question. Asked about FTF and mag fall out when firing. I think I have a serious addiction on my hands.....been to range 8 times, 5 days straight. Trying to add up ammo purchases and...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hi All, Glad to have found this forum! I originally found the forum while doing research on a few items I have. I grew up in a house where my father was a firearms collector and a member of the law enforcement community. So, guns are "in my blood" you might say. When he passed a few years ago...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Morning, Y'all. :cowboy: I'm a newbie here - but not to firearms/shooting - and just wanted to stop through to say hello to everyone. I'm in the Piedmont area of NC; so, if you're in the area, drop me a note! You may see me down at Calibers in Greensboro, over at Distinguished Pistol in Mebane...
  5. Introduction Forum
    The concept of forum discussion boards of all kinds of variety is not new to me. I just bought my Glock 19 gen4 this evening after quite a bit of research on a first time firearm. So far so good as far as my research went. I read a couple of other welcome posts to see what almost every other...
1-5 of 5 Results