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  1. Introduction Forum
    After a life time of talking anti-gun **** to friends and family I made a concession during a debate (this was back in 2014): I'd buy a gun to join a well regulated militia in defending my state. It seemed like folks cherry picked that "right to bear arms" part and forgot about the rest. It...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and pretty new to glocks. I’m glad I finally joined though, from what I’ve read so far this seems like a great community of people. I’ve always been a fan of doing things with my hands(working on cars, building PC’s, etc) so when I discovered p80’s I had to build...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hello, I'm new here. Live outside of Pittsburgh. Was planning on trying my new Glock, Model 17 Generation 3 9mm. I believe I purchased this around 1999 but have never fired it or even loaded it. It's still in the original plastic Glock box with just one clip, I believe. I know it's been a long...
1-3 of 3 Results