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  1. General Firearms Forum
    I’m a new member & this is my first post, so if this isn’t in the correct spot, I apologize... So I’m debating on what I want to get for an sbr.. I had originally ordered a Stribog A1 in early September but due to some BS that order was never fulfilled and I ended up having to get a chargeback...
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    MR556/HK416 30-round translucent polymer mags. These are new and unfired. They’ve been stored in an airtight Pelican case, I just kinda forgot about them. Picture below is representative of what the rest of them look like, sold in packs of 4 for $110 shipped only to states where they are legal...
  3. Firearms Listings
    WTS: PCS9 (MP5 Clone) pistol built by Jeff Walters aka Ghilliebear THis MP5 pistol clone was built in March of 2018. MP5 clone in 9mm with 4 RTG parts mags (3 are perfect, one is loose). I got this with the welded top rail. The SB pistol stabilizing brace is included along with pelican 1495...
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    For sale is a used HK MP5 9mm magazine, $65 with free shipping to legal states, you are responsible for knowing your state laws. Thanks!
  5. Sold/Expired
    Cross Post I am the owner/seller of these products. thanks for looking.
1-5 of 5 Results