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  1. Tactical Shotguns
    Just bought a new Mossberg shockwave in 12 gauge first I had problems with it picking up shells out of the tube now it seems every 4th shell will not feed and falls out the bottom instead. Anyone else had problems like this before?
  2. Tactical Shotguns
    So I've been experimenting with a forend strap on my Tac-14. A final decision won't be made until I hit the range sometime this week to see how the current configuration with the Magpul Hand stop works. I'm seriously thinking a strap won't be necessary. Given the grip texture of the hand stop...
  3. Sold/Expired
    Not much needed to describe these awesome little backpack shotguns... They run on a Mossberg 590 platform with a 14" barrel that regularly would need a $200 stamp and 8 months waiting. ATF did not classify these as Class III weapons therefore none of that BS is required. They take 5+1 2 3/4" or...
1-4 of 4 Results