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  1. Russian Air .50

    Russian Air .50

    'Business' end.
  2. Russian Air .50

    Russian Air .50

    Chamber end.
  3. Russian Air .50 Cal!

    Russian Air .50 Cal!

    The YakB is a .50 caliber (12.7mm x 108, not the 12.7mm x 99 like our .50 BMG), 4 barrelled, gas operated(!), Gatling type gun used on the Mi-24 Hind D attack helicopter-troop transport. I found this while rumaging around in a scrap metal dump outside Kirkush Military Training Base (KMTB), in sight
  4. XM-296 .50 cal BMG

    XM-296 .50 cal BMG

    But most of my time was spent working with this baby! I love the .50 BMG!! (In all it's variations!) 12.7mm x 99. Photo from
  5. XM-296 on port side, 2.75" rockets on starboard.

    XM-296 on port side, 2.75" rockets on starboard.

    This 'long gun' is used on the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, aka the 'KW'. I spent over 8 years working on the armament, fire control, avionic (comm and nav), and electrical systems on this outstanding scout recon platform. Photo from