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  1. General Firearms Forum
    It's a CNN link, so some of you won't click on it. That's fine. Here's the short story: Joseph Roh was having customers punch the little green button on his machinery to finish 80% lowers, and BATFE told him not to. He kept on and was charged with manufacturing without a license. A...
  2. Carry Issues I’m personally not a fan of these kinds of back plates or plugs with designs on them, but I really don’t care if others like them. I can see the writer’s point in regards to the punisher backplate thing, but an American flag plug being...
  3. Tactics and Training
    Course Title: Massad Ayoob – MAG20: Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Course Prefix: MAG20 Cost: $400 Age: 21+ Massad Ayoob – MAG20: Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Point Blank Range in Matthews, NC is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting Massad Ayoob and the MAG-20/Classroom...
  4. GSSF
    Hello, I was on another forum's marketplace and saw someone selling the GSSF discount coupon. Is that unlawful per GSSF rules? If someone was to buy it, even though the coupon doesn't have the members' name, can ANYONE use the discount? I find it interesting.
1-4 of 5 Results