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  1. The Okie Corral
    I just took this. Sorry for the feet photobomb. From top-Left down: Ka-Bar 1245 8" Tanto, CRKT Mah Eraser 3.8", Cold Steel Code-4 AUS-8 3.5" (top-Right down): Cold Steel Master Tanto San-Mai 6", Fox Knives 598 fixed blade 3.2", Kershaw Dividend 3". And in the center is a Leatherman PST. :)...
  2. Misc. Non-Gun Stuff
    I am looking for a Trayvax Element or Ascent. I have a like new Leatherman Wave for trade. Will send pictures upon request. Thanks.
  3. Wanted To Buy
    Need a black oxide Leatherman multitiool in good shape, please let me know what you have. Pics will be nice. Paymente via PayPal. Thank you.
  4. Edged Weapons & Related Items
    I have had this NEW Leatherman SuperTool for years. I have never used it so I am finally selling it for 35.00 It comes with a nice leather belt pouch Great for all kinds of field wotk on your weapons.