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  1. First pair of Glasses

    First pair of Glasses

    Yep, it's that time in life.. ..for the ole' eyes to start to go. :(
  2. Me and my best friend Sandman_NC

    Me and my best friend Sandman_NC

    We were at Mechanicsville, Virginia at a 3-gun match. It was HOT that day!!
  3. Remington 1100 Tactical

    Remington 1100 Tactical

    Another welcome home gift. 18 inch, with 6 shot side saddle. Put a Steamlight Mag Tube Mount on the mag tube so I can attach my Surefire X200 (or Pelican M6 in TDI mount) if necessary. I've got a 1913 rail that can screw on the already drilled and tapped receiver if I want to put an optic on it.
  4. CAR-15 w /EOTech

    CAR-15 w /EOTech

    After coming home from Iraq I was able to add a EOTech 552 on a (Aimpoint) gooseneck mount. Also I put a Specter Gear 30rd mag holder on my telescoping stock. I've since added a DPMS ambi safety and a Badger Ordnance Tactical charging handle latch. I added a D.R. Middlebrooks Jet Comp compensator