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  1. Iraqi Army Handguns

    Various pistols were issued from KMTB. No method either. A single unit would get whatever guns with no attempt to simplify the type to ease supply and logistics requirements. Not one of our better decisions, but made well above my level. Anyway, starting from top right and moving clockwise: Sig
  2. Abu Schwareb

    Costume party anyone? I need an AK!
  3. Abu Schwareb (aka Jeff82) in the House!

    One of our 'terps bought me the outfit. A real one. I'm afraid to wear it around here for fear of getting shot! Imagine me walking through your neighborhood toting an AK...
  4. Abu Schwareb and 'terp.

    Thanks 'xxxxxx'!
  5. Take care my Friend.

    I will miss you. Worth saving... I wish I could tell you more. (At last update he is alive and well and greatly helping in the effort.)
1-5 of 9 Results