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  1. Introduction Forum
    Good day, everyone! I've never been part of a forum before. I'm looking forward to joining in discussions with like minded individuals and learning a thing or two. Hopefully, I have something to offer, as well!
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hello all! Back after being gone a while and I see the software has changed a bit, I like what I see. regards from NY
  3. Introduction Forum
    I have found outstanding info here before. Time to by in..... Thanks to all pro2A advocates!!
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm a new member from GA., I hope you are all doing well. I look forward to learning and exchanging quality information while participating in this group.
  5. Introduction Forum
    Hey Guys and Gals, My name is Greg, 31 from Chicago. I own a range bag company and have been shooting since I was very little. There is nothing that I would love more than to provide value to this forum answering questions with my expertise, networking with you great people, and learning new...
  6. Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm happy to be here! My name's Tyler (I go by Ty for short) and I'm from East Tennessee. I currently serve in the Army Reserves and work at my local sheriff's department, waiting to go to patrol. I'm definitely not a seasoned Glock owner, but I'm not unfamiliar either. When I...
  7. Introduction Forum
    Hi, Im Dan. Im retired. Well semi retired. I got lucky in the lotto . I own a small buisness but Im mostly hands off. My first Glock was the 17. In the early 90s. Love at first lining up the sights. Bartending , bouncing was my main career. I didn't get lucky enough to live the way I'd really...
  8. Introduction Forum
    Hi, I am just started with IPSC for six months now. Attending the matches in the Standard division with a Glock 34 (see attachment). Not doing so good, but I have a plan ;-). More training, more attendance to matches, care for my material and I believe that 2017 will be good for me. Reading...
  9. Introduction Forum
    Thanks for having me, Im Orbit1212 from upstate South Carolina. I've owned a Glock since 2008. Started with my Glock 17 (Gen 3), that I've used in several local competitions and recently I've started carrying a Glock 19 for my everyday carry weapon I look forward to growing my Glock knowledge...
  10. Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone. Now in my 50's and taking up shooting for defense and potentially competition. While I've owned a Dan Wesson .38/.357 pistol pack for 30 years for home defense, I focused more on studying Shotokan and Doce Pares rather than how to use a pistol. Now, with 1) violent crime...
  11. Introduction Forum
    Glick 43 recently purchased. I have mostly used revolvers and now want to expand as I explore the semi-auto world.
  12. Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone. I'm Kyle and I'm new to Glock Talk. I just recently purchased a Gen 2 G19 to carry, but have owned a Gen 3 G17 for a little over a year which I've been using for IDPA. After my second purchase, I figure it was time to join the forum and share my experiences with these amazing...
1-12 of 12 Results