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  1. Introduction Forum
    Thanks for allowing me into the Glock Forum, USAF & FAA Air traffic controller, 60 plus and retired. Recently purchased a Glock 21, and looking for knowledge and any tips Reference the Glock line. Now looking at either a G19 or 19x, and then there is the G17, what say you??? I am a CCP holder...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Just wanted to say hi as I just joined the forum. I live in Eastern PA, and have been shooting for before a lot of you were born! I'm former Army Special Forces, serving on an SF A-team in Nam 68 & 69. I now work as a VSO for my VFW Post, being the former commander there for many years. (those...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hey everyone. I'm Kyle and I'm new to Glock Talk. I just recently purchased a Gen 2 G19 to carry, but have owned a Gen 3 G17 for a little over a year which I've been using for IDPA. After my second purchase, I figure it was time to join the forum and share my experiences with these amazing...
1-3 of 3 Results