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  1. For Sale Withdrawn

    Holsters & Related Items
    $0 USD
  2. Holsters & Related Items
    I Description of the holster from their website. Allows for optics on your pistol. The durable .080 KYDEX® is molded on a curve aim to help the holster wrap around the waist and lie flat against the belt. The poly loops provide some flex which further aids in comfort and concealment while...
    $44 USD
  3. Holsters & Related Items
    Holsters (Glock & S&W) Glock 17 w/ Streamlight TLR1. Right hand Kydex IWB. $25 shipped (Unknown maker) Safariland GLS IWB G17 holster. Right hand, model 575. $40 shipped S&W J Frame IWB Kydex holster. Right hand $25 shipped (Unknown maker) Leather double magazine holster for Glock double...
    $25 USD
  4. Carry Issues
    I have been carrying a hand gun since 2008. In the beginning I would carry in a outside the waist band holster. Found that to be very uncomfortable. I thought the problem was the gun being too large. Back then I only had a Springfield XD40. To remedy this I bought a Keltec PF9 along with an...
  5. General Firearms Forum
    Picked up the XTen yesterday. Tried to fit in any of my current holsters and none fit. One thing I did notice was that the XTen is very similar in size as the Walther PDP. The only part that looks drastically different in shape is the back end of the slide does over hang the hand more on the...
  6. Holsters & Related Items
    2x Raptor (Glock 29/30 & Glock 19 w/ X400) 1x Peregrine (Glock 48 MOS w/ TLR7 Sub) These IWB holsters are like new with no wear at all. After waiting 38 weeks for these to be made, I don't have the lights anymore so the holsters are now up for sale. Right hand draw, black leather, black...
    $150 USD
  7. Sold/Expired
    Tier1 Axis Slim for G43x. No WML GREAT CONDITION $120 Shipped
    $120 USD
  8. Holsters & Related Items
    OD Green Action Sport Kydex Dara Holster. Right handed. Payment via Zelle. $45. USPS shipped. Thanks.
    $45 USD
  9. Carry Issues
    Hi, I have a 5 Gen Glock 19, with a red/green dot that goes under the barrel, on the rail. Currently have a BladeTech that is IWB/OWB, left/right hand and love it but I can't use the red/green dot with it on. I'm looking but not been able to find another IWB/OWB, both hand holster w/space on...
  10. Holsters & Related Items
    Glock 19 Tenicor ARX OWB, used once, $80 $70 $55 $45 include shipping from Huntsville, AL.
    $45 USD
  11. Carry Issues
    I carry the original 26 strong outside. Currently in a DeSantis Mini Scabbard - past 10 years? Originally carried inside belt, however, was NEVER comfortable... and access/draw is much better for me outside. Concealment is rarely an issue with shirt untucked and sometime sports jacket...
  12. Holsters & Related Items
    Everyone has had that box of holsters that somehow just didn't work. My search stopped as soon as I tried a VM2. Love these things but since my g19 now has a TLR 7 permanently attached the VM2 won't work. This thing is in great condition and has the 1.5" belt loops and a set of tuckable hooks...
    $150 USD
  13. Holsters & Related Items
    Drop leg platform and the holster all in one. Nothing wrong with it, I just was going to try a leg holster for a change and it was lower than I am used to so I am gonna sell. I'll ship it to you. Post here if interested
    $64 USD
  14. General Glocking
    I'm new to handguns and started by getting a Glock 19x. I am thinking about getting a Streamlight Tlr7a to put on the gun and a Hidden Hybrid Holster. The holster company has options for the TLR-1s and the TLR-6. Will the TLR7A fit on either of those holsters?
  15. Holsters & Related Items
    Cleaning out the extras I no longer need. Asking $26 shipped each. Paypal preferred
    $26 USD
  16. Holsters & Related Items
    Nightingale Leather IWB Holster for Glock 30S - NEW Model: Snipe Easy on/off Clip attachment, for 1 1/2" belt Right Hand 15 degree forward cant To be worn on the hip This holster is $135 and has a 10-month wait Yours now for $95 including shipping in US
    $95 USD
  17. Glock 26 & 27, I.W.B, (Right Side) brown, handmade, handsewn, leather holster

    Materials: 6 oz leather, Waxed thread, Black water stain, Antique briar brown stain, Galvanized plate, Tensioner, Universal spring clip
  18. Holsters & Related Items
    $50 + Shipping. SOLD New, Unused. Save yourself the wait time, and buy mine if you've got an XD9
    $50 USD
  19. General Glocking
    I’m trying to get extended clips for my husband’s Glock 23 sf (which I can’t even really tell if the “sf” is a real thing or makes a difference?) and his Glock 43. I’d also like to get him a nice leather holster that clips to his belt. I’ve realized I know a lot less about guns than I thought...
  20. Holsters & Related Items
    Safariland UBL with female attachment and Trex Arms leg strap. Worn a few times. $ 30 shipped
1-20 of 157 Results