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  1. Carry Issues
    Hi all. Long time member, few time poster here. Think I'll have any potential "issues" in / around the greater Helen, GA area? It's a definite "touristy" area. My family and I are planning on going in a few weeks. I CC 99.8% of the time, but if it's hot and sticky enough, the cover garment...
  2. Hunting, Fishing & Camping
    Im looking into get a tactical style backpack for hiking. Just a 24 to 48hr pack. I want it to be 35 liters or less. my budget is around $200. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Caliber Corner
    It seems that too many people feel like they need a cannon or the like when in the woods to protect themselves from large animals. Can anyone tell me why they think any mammal (take your pick) with their hide/bones, etc. can take a 220 grain going at 1300+ fps and delivering more then...
  4. Hunting, Fishing & Camping
    Hi, Due to backpack and it's strapping mechanism's it is very cumbersome to carry IWB/OWB. Hence I am trying to determine the best options for carrying my G20 while backpacking or day-hiking. Below is what I am thinking now, but please tell me otherwise if you know of better options. Or options...
  5. Carry Issues
    I do not want anyone to know I carry. If I'm at the store or the bank, etc I have my G-29 in a trigger holster (home made MIC type) in the kidney position where I'm confident I could pull it out and deploy it very quickly if needed. On a long hike in the woods I carry a full backpack that...
1-5 of 6 Results