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    Like new, Springfield Armory Hellcat 13 round OEM magazine with black base. Loaded but never fired with. $30.00 shipped.
  2. The Okie Corral
    A new study from insurance comparison site Insurify that looked at over 2 million insurance applications found that drivers of the Subaru WRX compact sports car are more likely than any to have a speeding ticket on their driving record. A whopping 20.49% of WRX owners in the group said they had...
  3. General Firearms Forum
    I must say that so far I am really impressed by my Hellcat. 1000 rounds through it and no malfunctions of any sort using many different brands of ammunition. At this point, there's no doubt I trust mine enough to carry it. Looks like it's officially in the rotation with the 43.
  4. General Firearms Forum
    At this point, would you trust the Hellcat as a CCW?
  5. The Okie Corral
    LMAO, the thing I like most about these Southern US car chases is that it brings out the NASCAR fan in every news reporter. :animlol: Only there will you get a play-by-play of the cars involved, and the stats on them. Video is 1 hour and 7 minutes long, if you've got the time. Should be...