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  1. Gunsmithing
    I've got a Polymer 80 Glock 19 build that won't go into battery. I haven't test fired it yet, but when I put a magazine on a locked open slide and let it go home, it doesn't go all the way into battery. I'm using a PF940CV1 frame with a Rockey Brass Frame Parts Kit and a Rock Slide USA Slide...
  2. General Glocking
    I recently acquired a new-to-me G48 with the black slide. The one opportunity I had to shoot it, I had 2 instances (out of 200 rounds) of it failing to go fully into battery. I was shooting factory ball ammo. Attempting to diagnose the problem at home, I've discovered that when the trigger is...
  3. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    Hello all, I haven’t been able to find it but I’m sure it’s here in the form somewhere so I figured I would just re-ask. Does anyone know the milling measurements for the rear sight on a G 17? I have the 74° in Mill but I wanted to know the exact depth and width measurements. I saw one that...
1-3 of 3 Results