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  1. General Glocking
    Hi, glock fans. I cut by hand a glock 19 gen5 grip tape, used tape bought from AliExpress. It camed out really well, some minor adjustments needed, cut before applying or you'll scratch it. In case of scratches use liquid polymer for headlights renewal, i used HGKJ 8.
  2. General Firearms Forum
    You all at GT get to be the first to see this... ambidextrous, so you can go righty or lefty with the install. What do you all think? It feels absolutely fantastic! I really LOVE the ergonomics of this frame. It should really shine with one handed point shooting.
  3. General Firearms Forum
    Just made this new AGrip™ pattern for the new Sig P365... and before we go to tooling on it, I would love to know what you all think about it just in case there needs to be any adjustments, etc. Thanks!
  4. General Glocking
    Lots of comments circulating around about whether or not the "GP" model AGrip™ will fit the G43 as well as it fits the G42. Some people say it's too small and won't fit. Well.... this is the "official" answer to the question: View: Any questions...
1-6 of 6 Results