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  1. General Firearms Forum
    So I got this gun a few months back and didn’t have any history on it other then it’s a Gen 3 but the color pattern is what keeps throwing me off there are so very few glock 22 .40 with fde that I was thinking it was a gen 3 g17 with a gen3 g22 40 slide. Can anyone time me of this gun is rare or...
  2. Firearms Listings
    Looking to trade my Glock 22 for something smaller or will sell for around 475. Looking mostly for g43 or one of the other compacts. Located in New Hampshire. 3 15rnd mags.
  3. General Firearms Forum
    Good afternoon all, Brand new to the forum and having issues with my Gen 3 Glock 22. I recently purchased a Rockslide USA aftermarket slide for my gun. The gun will now not feed rounds at all. I have changed nothing other than the slide and after taking apart and putting back together multiple...
  4. Gunsmithing
    I've been having some issues with my Glock 22 magazines. If I manually unload my magazines after a day of training sometimes they'll fail to push the rounds out. It seems the follower gets stuck, perhaps from rubbing the interior sides of the magazine too much? The follower will be lower in the...
  5. Introduction Forum
    I'm trying to find a serial number database that has the serial number NTG418. The Glock is a third gen G22. I'm trying to figure out if it's a Police trade in or not. Can anyone help?
  6. Sold/Expired
    I have a Glock 22 Gen 4 that I purchased new a few months ago. I decided that I liked the model 27 better so this one has to go. It has exactly one box (50) rounds through it. It comes with everything that was with it when purchased new. In like new condition with no scratches or holster wear. I...
1-6 of 6 Results