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    Gen 3 Glock 17 - $1,500 DWS custom slide professional stipple Overwatch trigger Agency barrel Supressor height sights Trijicon RMR MC Black Cerakoted slide Gen 4 Agency Glock 19 - $1,700 Factory built gun Trijicon RMR Priced aggressive and fair, not interested in trades. Neither gun...
  2. Holsters & Related Items
    New RH OWB adjustable tension form fit, 1.75" belt loops Glock17 with TLR1 $40 shipped CONUS
  3. Firearms Listings
    Practicaly Bnew. less then 50rounds count Stock glock17 gen 4. All from factory included + Adjustable glock sight SMS for faster transaction 2818149825 $459 shipped to FFL
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Have for sale Genuine Glock 17 magazines 10rds NEW in bulk packaging zip plastic bags. Price: $24/magazine (obo multiples) Location: Reseda, CA Shipping to continental US: $5 (up to 4 magazines) I have 17 magazines total. If anyone has new-ish 10rd Glock 19 magazines I’d be willing to...
  5. Introduction Forum
    Hi from Tampa! I just picked up a Glock 17 G5 today and will be taking it out to the range for the first time tomorrow for Basic Pistol. I've been watching vids and fiddilng around trying to learn what I can.
  6. Firearms Listings
    Agency Arms factory stippled frame taken from my G17 Urban Combat build. This frame has zero rounds through it. Has Glock OEM trigger/internals and Agency Magwell. Agency Letter included and unopened. For feedback, you can check my username at or $650 shipped to...
  7. General Glocking
    How it all started. With reenactments!
  8. Sold/Expired
    For sale is a Glock 17 Gen4 converted for Major Open Division. Gun was built from scratch from a stock Glock17 Gen4. Runs on major and minor power factors with 3/7 port compensator. The gun has about 200 factory rounds thru it and another 100 major loads for testing and tuning the ejection...