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  1. Holsters & Related Items
    I don't use this much. Just taking up space. Incog good shape and trimmed for carry with RMR or without. Looking $40 shipped. Discreet PayPal preferred.
  2. Holsters & Related Items
    It is NEW, Made by High Noon. It is a Slide Guard type for belts and is my favorite holster for everyday concealed carry For g26 and g27 but will fit other glocks correctly according to High Noon SOLD... SOLD...SOLD... Let me know Mike
  3. Holsters & Related Items
    Fits G26 G27 and a few others. High Noon (Slide Guard) adjustable tension belt holster High quality, heavy leather, 1-3/4 wide belt slot, Right Handed Molded tight to a Glock frame. Excellent concealment holster $55.00
  4. Carry Issues
    Hi all! New to Glock Talk here. I'm looking for the perfect motorcycle holster but I have a few requirements. First off I hate shoulder holsters so I'm stuck with carrying on my side. Secondly it needs to be IWB because there are a lot of "not-gun-friendly" areas around me. Third I always use a...
  5. Sold/Expired
    High Noon Slide Guard Holster, For Glock G27 .40 cal pistol Will fit other guns. See website for list. A Great belt holster that holds your gun tight and concealed. It is extremely comfortable and adjustable for individual requirements. This is a high quality holster made with top quality...
1-6 of 6 Results