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  1. Wanted To Buy
  2. Firearms Listings
    Lots of accessories three13 round magazines 4th generation and 1 10 round magazine included in the deal. This great shooting pistol with all these magazines for the price of $475 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  3. General Glocking
    So I recently purchased a Gen4 G30 (g30.4) and I have a few questions. 1. any recommendations on some true night sights? The stock sights are the only thing I don’t like about glocks. 2. I’m a fan of “internal” Guide rod lasers, yet I noticed that laser max doesn’t make them for the gen 4, and...
  4. General Glocking
    Decided on a .45, I like both the G21 and G30 (SF) so I decided I’ll just get both, but... which one should I get FIRST? I will get the other when my next GSSF coupon comes which (guessing next year) so there will be a bit of time in between purchases. Whatcha think?
  5. Firearms Listings
    Changing up my carry platform and clearing some space--selling my trusty Glock 30s. This has been my primary CC weapon for the last several years. If you like .45, this is imo the best CC Glock there is. I've done a good bit of work on it, and it's in great condition. It's got a custom stipple...
  6. Carry Issues
    Recently I took the gun safety course and am awaiting my Concealed Carry License. My grandfather gave me a .45 Glock 21 and a side holster for open carry but the instructor told us to never open carry because it makes you the first target if they know you are armed. I am new to guns but want to...
  7. General Firearms Forum
    I am wondering if you all can explain the pros and cons of fiber optics verses tritium and any other options for night sights? Thanks!
  8. General Glocking
    I have some Glocks one of them happenes to be a Gen4 G30 that i like very much. But I was thinking of getting a G36 that i held and it felt very good in my hand. But I hear alot of people saying things about the 36. Id like some feed back from people that own both and just the 36 thank you for...
  9. Introduction Forum
    Hello - Connecticut Yankee now living in the Dallas Metroplex - looking to pick up my past interest in all things outdoors. First things 1st - I have a Glock .45 21 SF - maybe Gen3?. I bought it at a show in Columbus Ohio, back in late 2010. Took it to the range just 1 time, had an instructor...
1-9 of 9 Results