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  1. Valuable Info
    I have a Glock 40 gen 4 that I got when I was living in Montana for bear defense. I live in Kansas now, so I really don't need that anymore. I don't have any other pistols that I can conceal, and I'd like the option to switch back to the 6" setup for hunting trips back to Montana or Wyoming...
  2. General Glocking
    Two of my Glocks, the G17 GEN5 and the G43 GEN4, indicate on the box "FXD 5.5 lbs" which I assume means they are "fixed" non-adjustable "4.5 lbs." triggers Now ... the box of my G40 GEN4 MOS says "ADJ 4.5 lbs.", which would indicate an "adjustable" "4.5 lbs." trigger. Now my question: I could...
  3. Sold/Expired
    Barrel: Brand new, never fired G40 MOS 6 inch 10mm barrel from the factory. $120, USPS Priority 3-day shipping included. Paypal (friends & family) or MO. Send me a PM. I am looking for CZ P09 magazines and am willing to trade. Ships from Austin, TX.
  4. General Glocking
    Hello all, This site helped me make my decision on a new Glock 40 so I thought I would post my first rounds. After installing a Vortex Razor for my sight, I went to the range to try it out. The below picture is after I sighted in the gun at 10 yards and then went to 30. Please keep in mind I...
1-4 of 4 Results