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  1. General Glocking
    I'm really tempted to get a G37.4 but it's very scary not having G38.4 / G39.4. Since there are so savvy GT members with "inside information" and ample experience along the years... What do you think of Glock models in this caliber? are they going to get extinct? Maybe a surprising G37 gen5...
  2. General Glocking
    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster (and I have a Gen3 Glock 37 and (yes, I did use the search function) wanted to clarify exactly what is needed to swap a Glock 37 to a 17. I understand the extractor is obviously different on the 17 over the 37, but to frame this...
  3. Sold/Expired
1-3 of 3 Results