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  1. Firearms Listings
    WTS: LNIB Gen4 Glock 34. Approx 100 rounds thru. Comes with new night sights (Ameriglo, installed in April), 6 17-round OEM mags, has Talon rubber grip. Summer 2014 mfg. $525 shipped to lower 48, will not ship where prohibited, know your local laws. Cross-posted.
    $525 USD
  2. Sold/Expired
    9mm Shadow Systems DR920P Elite Blk/Blk - Built in Compensator Special ordered on range day at the beginning of April and has been to the range once since. As new, maybe 50 rounds so still in the "200 round break in" period as Shadow Systems calls it. Nothing wrong with it, I just overbought on...
    $1,000 USD
  3. Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a 34 with the interchangeable grips non-MOS. Stock is preferred. Minor mods ok. Stippling is a no go... I’m in Broward County and willing to meet up anywhere in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach. Also good with shipping if necessary.
  4. Reloading
    Currently working on a load for my newly acquired 34 gen 5. Not bad for 25 yards in my opinion. What kind of accuracy is everyone else getting out of their glock reloads?
  5. Gunsmithing
    Hi guys, I am doing a P80 build. Everything has worked so far except I cannot get the slide fully into battery. I am hanging up on the locking block and the barrel lug. A factory barrel fits into the build just fine. I didnt have calipers with me to measure the dimensions when I had the...
  6. Firearms Listings
    I'm continuing to sell down my collection, getting older and don't get to shoot as much... have two almost new Glocks for sale both have less than 20 rds fired... Glock 41 Gen. 4 (LNIB) Fixed Sights 5.5lb trigger (3) 13rd mags and grip adjustment back straps - Asking $580 shipped to your FFL...
  7. Introduction Forum
    Used stimulus $$ to get a Gen 4 model 34, overall a seemingly nice gun. Trigger sux, looking at Ghost 3.5 lb kit. Also can't get a different backstrap on as the pin does not want to go in (longer pin). I'll figure it out, not a gunsmith but have been shooting over 45 yrs and have built AR's...
  8. Gun Parts & Accessories
    For SALE this Glock 34 Gen 1-4 Stainless Steel Barrel, 9mm, 1:10 twist. USA Made. Unfired, Mint condition! Price: $95 shipped Pics here:
  9. Firearms Listings
    Has about 3,000 rounds on it, excellent condition. Sevigny Competition with Dawson Front F/O front sight. The Magazines have the Wolff +10% springs... $ 469.00 - Shipped
  10. Firearms Listings
    Have a Glock 34 with all zev done parts and stippling. Shoots really nice. Just sits in my safe. Has maybe 400 rounds through it. If interested I can send pictures. Let me know. Just seeing what’s out there taking offers.
  11. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    Hi, asking for a friend... He is a new shooter and just got a Gen 3 34. Then someone gave him a Vortex Razor to put on it. He's asked me about milling the slide, but I'm just wondering if it might be better to buy a replacement already-milled slide. Any recommendations from others who may have...
  12. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Zev Glock 34 Dimple barrel NIB asking $225 or Trade for: Magpul PRS Black AR10 Gen 1 or 2 stock
  13. General Firearms Forum
    Hey new guy here, I completed my glock 34 and I just wanted to share the results. It's a polymer80 v2 build with an Alpha Wolf Slide and barrel and all other parts are stock glock. I fired about 200 rounds through it today and she ran flawlessly, which is more than I can say for the v1 I...
  14. General Firearms Forum
    A snapshot of my current project. Pretty happy with the results so far. Lower is a Polymer80 PF940v2 Readymod, stippled by me. Upper is a G34 slide machined and Cerakoted by Southwest Precision Arms. RMR-ready milling as well. Still debating on what to do for sighting. My options are regular...
  15. Firearms Listings
    Gen 4 Glock 34 Racegun - $1,500 - GLOCK OEM 22 Battlefield Green Frame - GLOCK OEM M Beavertail Backstrap, Black - GLOCK OEM Locking Block - GLOCK OEM 34 Slide with Custom Milling(side windows and optic cut) and cerakoted in "Burnt Tungsten" by BlownDeadline, with matching Optic Cover Plate -...
  16. General Glocking
    Is there some information about when will be new Glock 34 gen5 slides released to buy them as a part instead of purchasing a whole new gun?
  17. Wanted To Buy
    Any gen 4 17 or 34 MOS for a decent price please let me know, thanks.
  18. Introduction Forum
    First time on the site, and first post. Hoping to get all manner of info. I’ve had a G34 for 15+ years, and have customized it. I used to shoot IPSC and GSSF. I’m a Front Sight member and have taken 3 classes so far. I have other firearms, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and enjoy all types of...
  19. General Glocking
    I'm 90% sure on the answer to this but looking for confirmation. I have a 3rd gen g17, will a complete 3rd gen upper either 17L or 34 work with my full size frame from the 17. My understanding is a full size frame is a full size frame as long as it's the same generation?
  20. General Competition
    Hi, Has anyone measured how much length / height Dawson ICE magwell adds to the gun (Glock 17/34 gen 3)? I'm competing in IPSC standard, and the box is 225 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm.. G34 (gen 3) is 222 mm long and 138 mm high, so only 3 mm could be added to the length and 12 mm to the height of the...
1-20 of 500 Results