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  1. Sold/Expired
    Glock 26 Gen 5 w/ front serrations + LTT Striker Control Device with Trijicon HD sights with Yellow Front - $500 shipped from my FFL to yours Includes gun w/ Trijicon HD sights, SCD, 3 x 10 rounds magazines, original box and items that shipped with the gun. Has roughly 50 rounds through it...
    $500 USD
  2. Sold/Expired
    Ggp g26 Brand new. Stripped slide. Threaded barrel
    $390 USD
  3. Carry Issues
    I carry the original 26 strong outside. Currently in a DeSantis Mini Scabbard - past 10 years? Originally carried inside belt, however, was NEVER comfortable... and access/draw is much better for me outside. Concealment is rarely an issue with shirt untucked and sometime sports jacket...
  4. General Glocking
    I am looking for a Glock 26 Holster with active retention (preferably not blackhawk) that I can mount in a horizontal format on vertical MOLLE. To make my situation perfectly clear, I bought a Hill People Gear (HPG) SAR Kit bag and want to store my Glock inside within a holster so it doesn't...
  5. General Glocking
    If it helps, I'm 5'7 and 145 Lbs. Looking at warm weather carry (t-shirt) in the appendix (12PM-2PM I'd imagine), if it's doable for either option realistically.
  6. General Glocking
    Specifically regarding appendix carry, which of these would you say prints less? I know the 43x has a longer grip length, but the 26 is noticeably wider. I would imagine maybe the grip width of the 26 would print more in the appendix position? Not sure.
  7. General Glocking
    I know it’s possible to use a 30 round magazine on a Glock 26 because it takes Glock 17 magazines, but I'm wondering if someone has done it and if it feels unwieldy with the size difference in the grip? I know that the new US CBP Glocks are basically Glocks 19 but with a Glock 17 grip, that's...
  8. Introduction Forum
    Hi, New Glock (26) owner and obviously new to Glock Talk too. I thought I would never own a Glock, but am happy I took the plunge. Watching at least one of Hickok45's Glock videos hooked-and-reeled me in. Haha. I hope to learn from you and someday being able to contribute too. David
  9. Gunsmithing
    I see a lot of post that refer to switching between the switch from the 27 to the 26, but not the other way around. I have a Glock 26 3rd Gen complete slide (well its actually an Alpha EDC v1 slide but it should be the same). I'm planning to pair it with a Glock 27 3rd Gen complete lower...
  10. Misc. Gun Stuff
    I have six (6) 33rd glock big stick magazines, unused Asking $25 each FTF in DFW Area only
  11. Gunsmithing
    Why would my glock 26 be shooting high it's used
  12. General Firearms Forum
    Hello Glockers recently I built my first glock from individual parts (26). The slide seems to rack just fine except it will not chamber and rounds. The rounds get stuck on the feeder below the barrel entrance. I am using FMJ 9mm if that matters. Anything I could do to fix this? Here is a gallery...
  13. General Glocking
    I have 6 OEM mags for my Glock 26. The original 3 I added the +2 pinky extension (and plate), plus I bought 3 more OEM 12 round mags. I know the springs are supposed to be the same between the 10 & 12 round mags but... my three original mags were somewhat difficult to load 10 rounds into but...
  14. General Glocking
    I was looking at the sub compact Glocks and I see that the Glock 26 and 27 are identical. However, the Glock 33 appears to also be identical but is listed as being .06" taller with the magazine. Is this just a variance in magazine height or is the actual frame/slide of the 33 minusculy taller...
  15. Wanted To Buy
    Looking to buy Glock 26 mags.
  16. General Firearms Forum
    For anyone who happens to have experience with both of these guns, which one feels better to shoot, in your opinion? (Trigger, recoil, grip/ergonomics, etc.) I hear that the M&P has better ergonomics and provides a better grip, and is more naturally pointable than the Glock 26. I also hear that...
  17. General Glocking
    Hello, I have a Glock 26 and I plan on submitting the Form One and then building my own suppressor. I watched a YT video and seen on a few forum posts elsewhere saying that it's better to use the threaded G19 Barrel for suppression in a G26 rather than using a threaded G26 barrel. I plan to...
  18. General Firearms Forum
    Hello, I built a Polymer80 Glock 26 with all Glock OEM parts including Glock magazines. I have medium/large hands so my pinky finger, sometimes two fingers will go below the magazine and apparently are pushing up. This causes every type of failure because the magazine gets in the way of the...
  19. General Glocking
    Am I correct that if I get a 33 barrel, extractor and mags I can convert a Glock 26 to a 33?
1-20 of 63 Results