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  1. General Glocking
    I purchased a Glock 20 and wanted to try out some Kensight suppressor height fully adjustable sights. I took it to my local gun shop like I usually do. They brought it back to me about 15 minutes later with the sight about a third of the way on. It broke their sight pusher. This is when I...
  2. General Glocking
    I bought a G20 and disliked it after the first 2 magazines (180g FMJ). I have a bad shoulder and I did not like the recoil. I took it back out today and fired another 3 magazines through it and the recoil feels much less. It was much more manageable and honestly felt better to shoot that my...
  3. General Glocking
    I went through KFS Industries ( Kensights ), and purchased some fully adjustable sights for my G20. Had my lo al gunsmith install them for me because of the tight fit. They feel very sturdy and seem to be top notch quality so far.
  4. General Glocking
    Before I shot it I installed a double diamond 3.5lb connector and ameriglo night sights. Stock barrel was dead on with good grouping. The wolf threaded barrel shot a little high. With the compensator it shot high and left about 5 inches. This was all done at 50ft with 180 grain fmj rounds. I'm...
  5. Firearms Listings
    Glock 20 Gen4, Alfa Wolf threaded barrel with compensator, Ameriglo sights, double diamond 3.5lb connector, and 3 boxes of ammo and a We The People paddle holster for $700. Comes with original barrel and connector as well. Prefer local (Gig Harbor, WA and surrounding areas), if it has to ship...
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    What would be a good company to customize my Glock 20 Gen 4? Frame, slide and trigger wise? Please no keep glock stock comments. Those are getting old lol.
  7. Valuable Info
    I have a Glock 40 gen 4 that I got when I was living in Montana for bear defense. I live in Kansas now, so I really don't need that anymore. I don't have any other pistols that I can conceal, and I'd like the option to switch back to the 6" setup for hunting trips back to Montana or Wyoming...
  8. General Glocking
    I own a Glock 20 Gen 4. I just ordered myself a Gen 3 slide but can’t find anything on if I can use my existing guide rod and spring or do I need to swoop a Gen 3 set? Thankyou for any help.
  9. General Glocking
    My apologies if there are already existing threads about this topic but... I'm planning my next purchase and looking for using 45ACP and 10mm. What would be the best option? Glock21.4 with conversion barrel? Do I need to replace some other component? Other premises to consider? Thanks for...
  10. Introduction Forum
    Hello from snowy New Hampshire. Thinking of getting a Glock 20. Would like thoughts on Gen 3 vs Gen 4.
  11. Firearms Listings
    I have a brand new, never shot Glock 20 Gen 4 10mm pistol for sale. It does NOT come with the KKM barrel shown as that has been sold separately. Also has Trijicon night sights. Looking for $625 shipped. Comes with case, 3 mags, Trijicon sights. Let me know if there is any interest. Thanks! Nate
  12. Introduction Forum
    Hi, New member here, and new to Glocks. Look forward to learning and contributing to the forum. I have glock 20, 21, and most of the conversion barrels. I am now starting a new project based on Glock 30.
1-12 of 12 Results