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  1. General Glocking
    I am looking at a pair of Glock 17 Gen 1's. They were made in '82 and '84. I am about to pay a few hundred a piece. I can't find much info on pricing, what are they worth?
  2. General Firearms Forum
    I have a Polymer80 Gen 1 G17. I am having a problem with when it shoots the first shot the slide won't go all the way back forward, sometimes it won't even eject the spent casing. If I give the slide a gentle tap the slide will go back forward. No matter if the casing is ejected or not, the mag...
  3. General Glocking
    Hello fine folks, Just found this old girl at a local Pawnshop I’ve been reading about these Gen1 Ported G17L beauties mostly from the Glock Talk forums. A lot of good info. If I read correctly made on December of ‘86. It looks parts and internals are original. But I’m wondering the following...
  4. General Glocking
    So I went down the rabbit hole of purchasing a complete MCK setup (very expensive) for my G23 (compact SW.40) what i didn't realize is that the charging handle for that kit will ONLY work on vertical serrations on the glock23 (my slide has curved serrations and wont lock the charging handle) BUT...
  5. Wanted To Buy
    hi, As showed as above I searching for an original manual for my glock 17 gen1
  6. Glock Collector's Club
    Picked up a gen1 model 17 yesterday in good condition..Serial number dates it to December 1986.... Couple of questions, Are the symbols/ marks after the serial number the " Austrian " proof marks ? Do later gen mags work in a Gen 1 ? I read somewhere that Gen1 mags aren't " drop free" ... Is...
1-6 of 6 Results